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money back mortgagesYou can pick up a great deal on a mortgage over at Money Back Mortgages.

They will help you find a mortgage just like any other broker or lender however they pay you, when the loan settles.

Money Back Mortgages does not use brokers who go into your home and expect to be paid commission which is why they can pay you the amount that would normally go to a broker.

These days everything can be done on the phone, via email and fax and even skype if needed.

If you already know which lender you want to use and you already have an idea of what kind of lending product you want why not pick up the phone or send an email to Money Back Mortgages, get the same loan you would have received anyway and put some money in your pocket.

As an example of how much money you would receive (this is just an example and would vary depending on which lender was chosen) a mortgage of $400,000 would see you receiving $1000 once your loan settled.

This is the amount of money a broker would normally get paid in commission.

Check them out at Money Back Mortgages