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property investmentCurrently there are approximately 160,000 property investors in New Zealand, 90% of these investors owning only 1 or 2 properties each. Property has been an investment that has provided New Zealanders with the opportunity to create significant wealth. Property investment is a business in which the investors should spend the time to educate themselves on how to run that business efficiently, professionally and, most importantly, profitably. This guide provides an overview of the information the investor needs to know to be a successful property investor. Author Profile: Lisa Dudson: Interest in finance and investment began at the age of 16 with the purchase of a small NZ share portfolio. Her early career was spent in London, where she developed an expertise in sales, marketing and business, while she managed marketing projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for an international IT company. Returning to NZ in 1997, Lisa worked in the IT industry for 18 months before joining a nationwide financial planning company. Recently she established her own business Acumen Financial Planning Ltd. Lisa is on the Auckland Committee of the Financial Planners and Insurance Advisors Assn; is vice president of the Auckland Property Investors Assn, is a contributor to and, and is a respected seminar speaker.

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Andrew King: Purchased his first investment property at age 24, always managed his own properties. Established the national publication, Residential Property Investor magazine, and is the publisher and editor. He is president of the Auckland Property Investors Assn, a speaker at property investment seminars, and has written for several magazines and newspapers, including the NZ Herald and Sunday Star Times. He has appeared on television’s Money Matters and shares his knowledge on property investment matters on radio stations.